Rule & Regulations

School Rules / General Rules

  • Student must be in neat, clean and proper uniform as per norms as suggested by the school.
  • Student must be punctual and disciplined in all respects.
  • No one will be allowed to meet the outsiders in the school campus without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • No student will be allowed to take tuition outside the school. The school will provide every facility to the needy student without any additional fee.
  • Principal has full power in all matters pertaining to the admission, detention of students, imposition of fine and remission here of.
  • Principal will be empowered to take disciplinary action and impose penalties as provided under the institutional rules.

Library Rules

From the library at a time two books can be issued. The student has to return the book with in seven days and on missing the book one will have to pay the cost of the book.

Fee Rules

The student has to deposited monthly fee before the seventh of every month. The fee will be collected with fine of Rs.10 upto 12th of the month. Thereafter there will be fine of Rs. 5 per day. The fee receipts must be preserved to avoid any confusion. If fee is not paid for two consuctive months then the name of student will be struck of the rolls.

Laboratory Rules

  • No. equipment is to be taken out of the laboratory without written permission.
  • Any damage to the equipment during practical lessons will be borne by the students.
  • Any items issued from the laboratories must be returned before the annual examination.
  • No student will be allowed to enter the lab without practical book and note book.
  • The practical copy should be regularly remarked from the teacher.

Fine Schedule

Absentee fine (without sanctioned leave) for one day is Rs. 5/-. The student without proper uniform will be fined Rs.5

Monthly Progress Report

Students should get their monthly report cards duly signed by their parents or guardians within three days of its receipt. In case of loss of the monthly report card, a duplicate one will be issued only after the payment of Rs. 10/- as fine.

Parental Cooperation

Parents-Teachers co-operation is essential for complete and harmonious development of the student’s personality. The process of informal education is set in motion at birth and gains momentum in the school, a center of formal education. To bring out the best in child, family influences should aid and supplement school efforts. Both school and home should help the child to inculcate in him the desirable behavior patterns, healthy habits and positive attitude in personal and social life to make him a pride of the family as well as society.

Please see to following points in the Interest of your Child

  • Parents are requested to check their child’s school Diary and ensure that the homework assigned for the next day is done regularly.
  • Remarks made in the school diary should be acknowledged regularly by the parents.
  • Criticism of teacher or school in the presence of the child, should be avoided because it may cause the student to lose respect for his Teacher and the school. Any type of difficulties should be discussed with Teacher or Principal.
  • If you feel that your child is not showing the desired progress, please make it a point to discuss it with the Principal and subject teacher without delay.
  • Parents are requested to check the progress report card every month of their ward and sign it with remarks.
  • Parents are required to send their children to school in time.
  • Sick child should not be sent to school without medicines to be taken during school hours.
  • Parents are expected to participate regularly in school functions whenever they are invited for the benefits of their child.
  • Please ensure that your child takes part in all the activities of the school.
  • Please ensure that he/she comes to the school in uniform, the specification and design of which have been laid down by the school.
  • In case a child is found using unfair means in any of the examination then he/she will be awarded “zero” in the particular subject.
  • Parents are requested to take their children to various educational and recreational places during the summer and winter break e.g. Science museum, History museum, Zoo, Electra world, Appu Ghar.