Campus Activities

  1. In the beginning of the session students of 10+2 organised a welcome party for the freshers in the month of May.
  2. In the month of June school has celebrated its first activity day by conducting a cultural activity programme for up to 10th class.
  3. In the month of May school celebrated Anti Tobaccoo Day by conducting declamation and painting competition.
  4. 5th September was celebrated as Teacher’s day in the school. On that day students of 10+2 class taught the students of 10+1 class and students of 10th class taught the students of lower classes. Best pupil teacher among boys and girls has been judged by the judges in Sr. Sec . group and senior group .
  5. Some fun activities and games were also organised for the students of lower classes such as spoon race , three leg race and tug of war etc .
  6. 14th November was celebrated as children day in which our students performed different cultural activities to pay tribute to their beloved Chacha Nehru .
  7. In the month of December sports activity day was celebrated with different types of games such as Badminton , Chess, Carom Board , Cricket , Kabaddi , Shot Put , Long Jump and Tug of war .

Sports and Cultural Meet

  1. In the field of sports and cultural meet private school are also competing with Govt school.
  2. In which our school won 2nd prize in Badminton. Our student Shubham Negi also represented Distt Bilaspur at state level in Kho-Kho in Distt Solan.
  3. One of our students sagun Patial got 2nd position in Kick Boxing of National level held at Haryana.

Children Science Congress

Block Level :-

  1. Block level CSC was hosted by G.H.S Bhager in which our students Rajat Sharma & Ayushi Sharma got IInd position in Sr.Sec Quiz competition.
  2. Aryan sharma &Suraj Thakur got 1st position in Sr. Group Science Quiz competition.
  3. Sujya Sharma & Isha Sharma got 2nd position in Jr. Group Science Quiz Competition .
  4. Avnish Sharma got 1st postion in Sr. Sec science Activity corner & Aniket Sharma got 1st position in Sr .Group Science Activity corner and Divya Verma got 2nd position in her Innovative Science Model competition .

Distt level:-

  1. Distt Level C.S.C. was held at G.S.S.S(G) Ghumarwin in which our students Ayushi Sharma & Rajat Sharma got 3rd position in Sr. Sec Quiz competition .
  2. Aryan Sharma & Suraj Thakur got 1st position in Sr Group Science Quiz competition .
  3. Sujya Sharma & Isha Sharma got 2nd position in Jr Group Science Quiz competition.
  4. Divya Verma got 1st position in her Innovative Science Model competition .
  5. Akshita Ratwan got 2nd position in Scientific Project Report sub theme -II and Shilpa Thakur got 1st position in Scientific Project Report sub theme -III.
  6. In Sr-Group Divyanshu Bhek got 2nd position in his Scientific Project Report Sub Theme -I,
  7. Sakshi Bhardwaj got 2nd position in her Scientific Project Sub theme -II.
  8. In Jr. Group Shreya Sharma got 1st position in her scientfic Project Report.
  9. Rajat Sharma got 1st position and Avnish Sharma got 2nd position in Sr.Sec Mathematies Olympiad.
  10. Divyanshu Bhek got 2nd position in Sr group Painting competition and Sujya Sharma got 2nd position in Jr. Group painting competition .
  11. Due to the marvellous performance of our school we also got Overall Champion Trophy in Distt level C.S.C.

State level:-

  1. The C.S.C of state level was held at Distt Mandi in which our five students represented Distt Bilaspur in different activities.
  2. In which our student Aryan Sharma & Suraj Thakur got 2nd position in Sr. Group Science Quiz competition.
  3. Shreya Sharma got 1st position in Jr- Urban Group Scientific Project Report at state level.

National Level:-

  1. After getting 1st position at state level in Jr. Group Scientific Project Report Shreya Sharma students of 8th class represented Jr. Urban Group of Himachal Pradesh in C.S.C of National level held at Banglore from 27th December to 31 December 2014 and brought good name and fame to our school as well as to our state at National level.
  2. Our one student Aakrit group member of Shreya Sharma in her project Report participated in National science Congress held at Mumbai in the month of January 2015.
  3. Sujya Sharma of 8th class participated in Model Competition of National Level held at Pragti Maidan, New Delhi, under inspire scheme.