About our School

The roots of every progressive organization lie in the vision of its founders. It is their determination, hard work, sacrifice and blessing of almighty God that sees a tiny seedling bloom into a fully grown tree with branches reaching out to touch novel horizons.

Minerva Sr. Sec. School was established by Minerva Education Society in the year 2003. Minerva, as an institute, sets itself apart from others when it comes to provide comprehensive and all round development for the students. Experience comes with experience, the numerous years, countless hours spent in the school have given us plenty to boast about; to use it wisely and to devise platforms to share them effectively.

We nurture our students to become sharp, confident, committed and a capable individual, enabling them not only to achieve great height in academics but also to excel in the world beyond. A child needs the stimulation and the opportunity to learn, on their own pace and excel in the fields best suited to their personality and skills. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. It is a tedious process and requires specialization and knowledge. We at the school, I believe, have done it so wonderfully well.

We emphasis on learning by doing, project works discussion, library consultations and such other modern techniques of teaching and learning to enrich the understanding of the subject and to develop the creativity among the students. Continuous and comprehensive evolution is followed for students of all classes. Minerva Sr. Sec. School truly represents the real meaning of public school because, by our constitution, we do not discriminate in admission on the basis of caste, creed, colour or race.

Essence Of Quality Education

To achieve the motto of delivering quality in education coupled with innovative educational practices, advanced technology and expertise, we are making efforts to transform the student’s community into potential global leaders with accountability to meet the social, national and dynamic challenges. Quality of education depends on energetic teachers, a good student-teacher ratio, modern equipment, adequate space and classroom facilities. A well-designed school should have modern aids and teaching devices. A school should be center for excellence. It should encourage a concern for environment and cleanness. Above all it should be managed by a dynamic Principal and competent humane teachers. Quality in education leads to quality in our lines and is what we are all striving for.

Aims And Objectives

Secondary School was founded in 1987 to provide students with excellent academic programs and a nurturing environment with close student-teacher relationships. Secondary School is a private yet affordable elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment to ensure our students experience success every day.

  • Development of the minds of the children and also their physique, skills, personality, leadership traits and create a sense of fellow feeling.
  • Practice of equality between all students in the school irrespective of financial status of parents and background.
  • To inculcate a deep sense of nationalism and internationalism among students.
  • To create a scientific temper of curiosity, awareness and enthusiasm to face the problems of present time.
  • To serve the society through quality education.
  • To develop the eternal values i.e. Truth, beauty and goodness.
  • To develop the inherent potential of students.


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